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The Austin Princess II DS3

The Austin Princess II DS3 was introduced in 1950 to replace the Princess I DS2. Mechanically identical to the Princess I except that it was fitted with a single Stromberg carburettor in place of the earlier cars triple SU's.

Whilst the body construction remained the same as the Princess I, the main difference was that the Princess II rear door quarter lights were now angled rearwards giving much improved visibility for rear passengers. The rear window was also enlarged horizontally. The front auxiliary lights were now attached to the front bumper rather than being recessed into the front bodywork. The steel sunroof and Ekco radio and electro-hydraulic jacking system remained standard equipment. Inside the car the seats were now usually trimmed all in leather rather than the leather/cloth combination of the Princess I. Some 669 saloons (DS3) and 91 Touring Limousines with glass division (DM3) were produced before manufacture ceased in 1953.